Work permit

  • Minimal (1 year)
    • Consultation
    • Documents preparation
    • Accompanying the receipt of a work permit
    from 150 $
  • Base (3 year)
    • Consultation
    • Documents preparation
    • TIN obtaining
    • Establishing company
    • Work permit obtaining (for 3 years period)
    from 300 $
  • Premium (TRC)
    • Consultation
    • Documents preparation
    • TIN obtaining
    • Establishing company
    • Work permit obtaining (for 3 years period)
    • Accompanying the receipt of a residence permit
    • Temporary residence permit obtaining (for 3 years period)
    from 1000 $

Work permit obtaining

Ukrainian legislation forbids to employ foreigners, stateless persons (then «Foreigners») officially without obtaining an employment permit.

The permit is issued to the employer personally for each foreigner to the relevant position. That is, for work in several positions, you need to obtain the appropriate number of permits.

There are the categories of Foreigners for whom obtaining a permit is not required:

  1. A person who has a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  2. Refugees;
  3. Foreign media representatives;
  4. Professional athletes;
  5. Persons working in representative foreign companies offices;
  6. Foreigners who conduct teaching and research activities, etc.

There are special categories of foreigners:

  1. Highly-paid employees;
  2. Business entity founders (participants, UBO);
  3. A graduate of a university, included in the TOP 100 universities of the world;
  4. IT specialists;
  5. Workers of creative professions.

Salary requirements:

  • 30 000 UAH / month – employees of NGOs, charity organizations;
  • 60 000 UAH / month – for all other categories.

Minimum wage requirements don`t apply to special categories of Foreigners.

The term for issuing the permit

In most cases, the permit is issued for 1 year.

At the same time, there are some exceptions to the validity of the permit.

Thus, for special categories of foreigners, the permit can be issued for 3 years.

Documents required to obtain a permit:

  1. application;
  2. notarized translation of the passport copy;
  3. photo 3,5 * 4,5 cm;
  4. a copy of the draft employment contract.

The amount of the administrative fee for the issued permit:

  1. for a period of 1-3 years – 13620 UAH;
  2. for a period of 6 months – 9 080 UAH;
  3. for a period of up to 6 months – 4 540 UAH.

The procedure for working with us

  1. providing initial advice to the Customer as to the grounds of obtaining an employment permit;
  2. an agreement concluded with the Customer;
  3. documents preparation for obtaining an employment permit;
  4. the procedure support of documents submission for obtaining an employment permit;
  5. state control of documents consideration;
  6. obtaining an employment permit;
  7. receipt formation for payment of the administrative fee;
  8. a copy submission of the concluded employment contract with the Foreigner to the monitoring body

Attorneys association specialists will supply extensive consultation of all items, that may appear during the process of receiving a residence permit, they will prepare all the necessary documents and provide competent support of the receiving residence permit procedure.


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