Residence permit

Residence permit obtaining

The state policy is designed to improve the investment climate and to increase investment processes efficiency over the past few years. Taking into account insufficient internal resources, foreign investors’ funds play an important role in the economic development of Ukraine. Thus, a great amount of foreigners comes to Ukraine in order to gain a business advantage.

Besides, labor migration, entering Ukrainian higher education institutions, and family relations are the common reasons to visit our country.

However, foreigners are limited to a maximum stay of 90 days (during 180 days) with the current legislation.

To stay for a longer period of time, foreign citizens need to be legalized. The so-called Residence Permit is one of the documents that could provide an opportunity to stay within Ukraine for a longer period of time.

The basis for obtaining a Residence permit might be::

  1. employment;
  2. entering one of the Ukrainian higher education institutions;
  3. marriage or family reunification;
  4. working at a representative office of a foreign company;
  5. volunteering within Ukraine;
  6. activities related to culture development.

Residence permit validity

The Residence permit validity depends on the basis of the obtaining.

Therefore, a temporary residence permit obtained because of employment permit is valid for the period of validity of such a permit.

A temporary residence permit obtained on the basis of volunteering is issued for 1 year.

After the end of the validity period, the Residence permit may be renewed if the requirements are still valid.

Access to Residency

Access to residency depends on a foreigner’s citizenship.

If the regular visa regime remains in force between Ukraine and the country of foreigner`s citizenship, it is necessary to get type D visa and then enter the territory of Ukraine.

After that, it is necessary to apply documents to the migration service.

The processing time for the applications is 15 working days.

Please, note that you have to obtain the Residence permit personally.

Terms of cooperation with us

  1. we provide initial consultations to the Customer about the legality of presence in Ukraine and the basis for obtaining a Residence permit;
  2. we conclude an agreement with the Customer;
  3. we prepare all the documents for obtaining a Residence permit;
  4. we support the applying process for obtaining a Residence permit to the migration service;
  5. we control the status of the documents reviewed;
  6. we support the Customer after the decision to issue a Residence permit and assist in obtaining a Residence permit.

Specialists of our lawyers’ association would be excited to provide comprehensive advice on all issues related to a Residence permit, they are ready to prepare all the necessary papers and provide qualified support at all stages.

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